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 Membership Information

If you are a retailer of kitchens, baths, floor coverings and/or decorative products—we invite you to consider the benefits of joining the Floor To Ceiling® organization.

It's clear in today's market that it's easy to get caught up in the day to day management of your business. Finding time to manage long term goals and develop strategies to enhance your success can be difficult, especially when there's little time and staff to spare.

As more and more retailers are being forced to evaluate the future in an environment dominated by a few giants, it's becoming increasingly important to form solid, reliable business relationships with those who can help you remain independent, differentiate your business and compete more effectively.

That's where we come in - and our strategy is simple. By offering your customers more of what they want, at a single location, you are providing them with a unique service and shopping experience. Repeat business and increased store traffic will result from simply offering your customers the Floor To Ceiling® concept.

You'll be backed by product & sales training, marketing support, and merchandising and advertising programs second to none. Floor To Ceiling® is uniquely positioned to assist you every step of the way!

We're the only "small box" membership group that's gone head to head with the "BIG BOX" and come out a true winner!

Floor To Ceiling® members have many options enabling them to strengthen current programs and expand into additional product lines, while maintaining their independence and enjoying the benefits of the group. Our package of diversified services has been designed to make your job easier, while helping you stay ahead of your competition and improving your bottom line!

Our services, from diversified product assortments, comprehensive training and effective national advertising, are focused on helping you to achieve your business goals through personalized support systems.